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Going forward 2022–2024

Due to the budget situation, we need to revisit cost-saving measures/restructuring at NMH. The principal and director have therefore established a working group to work on this.

This is happening

The academic year 2023/2024

  • The work schedules are being adjusted to the new resource situation, and changes will still occur throughout the academic year. Among other things, the main instrument instruction has been reduced from 29 to 27 weeks. Group instruction, which previously had 24 weeks of classes, will now have 22 weeks. Please get in touch with your department head if you have questions about the work schedules.
  • The instructional year is not shorter due to these cuts. The study calendar is followed, but two "buffer weeks" have been added during the academic year (week 43 and week 17). The buffer weeks will have less scheduled instruction than regular weeks. Please note that these buffer weeks are not accessible or new project weeks! You must check the schedule in TimeEdit well before the start of classes to ensure you have updated information about where and when.
  • During the fall, NMH (Norwegian Academy of Music) continued its work on the measures approved at the board meeting on March 9. This included a closer examination of operations, weighting, and R&D resources. Se the result in the article "Good Uoutcome for 2023".

Board meetings where the restructuring has been addressed

The Board meetings are published only in Norwegian.

Plan for involvement

  • Opportunity for input from all employees via the input form below.


If you have suggestions for cost-reducing measures, you can use the form below.

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