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Grønt NMH (Green NMH)

NMH is the Environmental Lighthouse and works in several ways to reduce the school's climate footprint.

NMH works in several ways to reduce the school's climate footprint. We aim to reduce the number of flights by 30% by the end of 2023 and 40% by the end of 2025 compared to 2019. At the same time, we encourage climate-friendly travel.

NMH is establishing a green purchasing policy and always chooses an environmentally-labelled alternative whenever possible. We also want to reduce the amount of residual waste by 30% and make it easier for more people to cycle, walk or use public transport to and from NMH.

The environmental reports below show in pure numbers where we stand. The environmental reports compare from year to year and measure, among other things, energy use, paper consumption, fuel, travel, and the number of eco-labelled goods and suppliers.

Climate-friendly catering policy

The principal and director approved a catering policy on 13 February 2024. The policy is a part of the overall environmental work and will enable us to make better ecological choices related to menu selection and ordering routines. One goal is to cut back on meat dishes and menus with cold meats. Guidelines that vegetarian and vegan menus should be the standard choice for all orders and that suppliers should use packaging that produces the least possible waste. We must also make arrangements to coordinate orders to save transport emissions and packaging.

Climate calculator

You can calculate emissions for various travel and accommodation options with a climate calculator. Check, for example, which is most climate-friendly in terms of an extra night at a hotel and train transport or a flight with a shorter overnight stay.

Environmental reports


If you have a good idea, you can use the form further up the page. Or you can contact Johan Jørgensen in the project group for Green NMH directly.

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