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Committee for the PhD Programme in Artistic Research (KUST)

KUST is responsible for admission to and operation of the PhD Programme in Artistic Research. The Committee is an advisory body for projects carried out by artistic research fellows.


The Committee consists of four representatives from among the artistic/academic staff, comprising a chair, an ordinary staff member and two representatives from among the research fellows. In addition, an external member is appointed.

The representatives from among the artistic/academic staff are appointed for a term of four years that run concurrently with the term served by the Principal’s management team (2017–2021, 2021–2025 etc.). The research fellows are appointed for one year, concurrently with the calendar year.

Members and composition of the Committee, spring 2024

Registering cases with us

Additional meetings may be arranged in connection with admissions to the programme.

The main rule is that cases are registered with the KUST’s secretary at least ten days before the meeting of the Committee. When appointing the assessment committee, nominations must be submitted 14 days before the meeting is to take place. In such cases, KUST resolves a recommendation for a committee while the R&D Committee confirms the appointments.

Cases are registered with the secretary of the Committee.