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Other Committees

Coordinating Committee, Concert Committee, Area Committee, Coronavirus Contingency Committee, Library Committee, Instrument Committee, Instrument Collection Committee and Art Committee.

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee consists of the chairs of the three unions and representatives of the management team.

The TUP Committee

Library Committee

The Library Committee is an advisory body in issues relating to the library.

Instrument Committee

The Instrument Committee shall have an overview of the instruments and their requirements for maintenance and shall receive and prioritise the need for instruments from a long-term perspective.

Instrument Collection Committee

The Committee responsible for the collection of historical instruments works with cataloguing, maintaining an overview, placement, use and storage of the NMH’s collection of historical instruments.

Art Committee

The Art Committee has an overview of the art at NMH and works towards presenting this art in the best possible way.

Jubileumskomitéen 2023 - 2024

Gjennom studieåret 2023–2024 skal Norges musikkhøgskole feire at vi fyller 50 år. Dette skal vi markere med seminarer, levende musikk og formidling av vår egen historie. Les mer om mandatet, program og resultater her.