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Media Contact

All employees are free to speak to the media, and NMH wants employees to use their professional expertise actively in the social debate.

Guidelines in media contact

  • The Principal is the Academy's front spokesperson in public.
  • In the case of direct questions from journalists, all employees should actively consult with and inform the communications manager before answering, but everyone is still free to express themselves.
  • Employees must make it clear whether they speak on their behalf or as a representative of the Academy of Music.
  • Essential factors for success with media contacts are: Knowledge, respect, sense of responsibility, availability, openness and service attitude.
  • We recommend that all employees follow our communication ethics principles (see below).

Our communication ethics principles

  • Honesty. Everything we say must be reliable.
  • Respect. We must understand and respect the roles of external stakeholders who make contact.
  • Tidiness. We shall never disparage our competitors and opponents of opinion, whether it concerns individuals or organisations.
  • Proactivity. As far as possible, we want to be fully transparent about matters concerning our business.
  • Knowledge-based. Our claims must be based on documented knowledge, not rumours and speculation.