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Your Employee Profile

All employees have their own profile on our external website, You can send any updates or edits you want to be included to the webmaster.

What is the purpose of the profile page?

The profile page tells people who you are and what you do.

  1. See all profile pages at

Automatic information retrieval

  • Your name, title, department and discipline are retrieved automatically from the personnel databases SAP and FS.
  • Information about research projects you are involved with is retrieved from the project archive and the research database Cristin.
  • If you are tagged in an article it will appear as a link on your profile page.

Everything else is entered manually via our publishing tool, Craft.


As an employee of NMH, you are invited to include a short biography on our web pages.

You can submit your biography to the Webmaster. If you want a link to your own website, we can also include it here.


Portrait photos online are something you choose yourself, but for the user of our websites, it is an advantage to have photos of employees.

If NMH does not have a portrait picture of you, send a picture to We set up a single photo studio at regular intervals so employees can take a profile picture. Follow the news for employees and in Etter noter where the date for portrait photography is announced.

Rights to the image taken by a photographer for NMH

The Norwegian Academy of Music has the rights to the portrait photo, which will be taken by a professional photographer at NMH. The agreement with the photographer states that we can use the portrait in NMH's channels. If you wish to use the image outside of NMH, you must agree directly with the photographer on the use and purchase of the picture.


Fagmiljøsidene er en oversikt som er beregnet på studenter som vurderer å søke på NMH. Disse sidene oppdaterer vi manuelt – også oversikten over ansatte.

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