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Diversity and Equality

The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) shall ensure that everyone – regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation – has genuinely equal opportunities. For this reason we must always challenge longstanding patterns and unconscious attitudes.

Diversity at the Norwegian Academy of Music is about recognizing and making space for a broad spectrum of human, musical, social and cultural expressions, backgrounds, competencies and perspectives. Such diversity arises naturally out of inclusive and non-discriminatory communities. Therefore, the Norwegian Academy of Music wishes to promote this type of community, where people can meet, work, create and reside in safety.

Diversity Declaration of the Norwegian Academy of Music

Efforts to ensure equality are enshrined in legislation, through both the duty to act and the duty to report. The Principal’s management team has appointed the Committee for Diversity and Equality (UML), which is responsible for exposing imbalances, supporting leaders in the choice of strategies and suggesting measures that can help leaders to become aware of and responsible for their work in fulfilling their obligations in compliance with the new legislation.


The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) has a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of unwanted sexual attention and harassment.

If you experience or witness objectionable incidents at the NMH, you must not be afraid to report them. It is safe to submit a report, and you can be certain that your report will be followed up. You may also submit a report anonymously. You can submit a written report on an online form, to your immediate superior or to your HSE representative (Site in Norwegian).

Committee for Diversity and Equality – priority areas

The Committee for Diversity and Equality (UML) has begun to gather reports from a variety of areas in order to identify where measures should be implemented, and what these measures should include. For this reason, reporting is a measure that will aid both identification and consciousness-raising.

General measures to promote equality