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The training component

The training component has a value of 40 ECTS credits. Apart from any remaining researcher forums, all parts of the training component must have been carried out and passed before a candidate may apply for a trial disputation.

Five courses

The candidate must have received a passing grade for the training component from the PhD Committee before the assessment committee for the dissertation is appointed, and the dissertation can be submitted for assessment.

The training component comprises the following five courses (ECTS credits in parentheses):

  • DRINNF90 PhD Introductory Course with Ethics (4 credits).
  • DRVIT90 Philosophy of Science (10 credits).
  • DRMET90 Research Methods (10 credits).
  • DRVALG90 Project Concentration Elective (10 credits).
  • DRFORMID90 Text and Presentation Forum (6 credits).

The courses are described in more detail in the curriculum. Please see the guidelines for essays and research forums on the Norwegian site.

You should keep all course documentation and essay assessments you receive during your studies.