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Progress Report, Midterm Evaluation and Trial Disputation

Here you will find all of the information you need in connection with the midterm evaluation and trial disputation for PhD candidates in performance practice, music education and music therapy.

Progress report

PhD students submit their progress reports twice a year (June and December), while supervisors submit their report once a year (June).

Midterm evaluation

Everyone who is enrolled in the PhD programme in Music Education, Music Therapy, and Performance Practice will undergo a midterm evaluation when they are halfway through their study.

The midterm evaluation is a requirement in the DRAVHA90 course.

Trial disputation

The trial disputation is one of the requirements of the DRAVHA90 course: PhD Dissertation and Doctoral defence. It will usually take place 2-3 months before the dissertation is expected to be submitted. The trial disputation is open to the public, but no public announcements are made in this connection.

The training component (with the exception of the remaining research forums) must have been completed with a passing grade prior to arranging a trial disputation.

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