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Submission and Doctoral Defence

Guidelines to the procedure of submitting the dissertation, the appointment of the assessment committee, guidelines regarding impartiality, the publication of the dissertation, and accepted practice about the doctoral defence of the dissertation. These guidelines apply to the PhD program in music education, music therapy and performance practice.

Procedure for submitting the dissertation

Procedure for appointing the Assessment Committee

The principal supervisor is responsible for proposing members of the assessment committee. We aim to carry out the public defence as quickly as possible. This entails that we try to have both the committee and the defence date ready when the dissertation is submitted.

Printing, publishing and distributing the PhD dissertation

When the assessment committee has approved the dissertation, there are usually five - eight weeks until the public defence takes place.

Accepted practice for the trial lecture, doctoral defence and doctoral dinner

First, we will discuss terminology: You are a PhD candidate or PhD student until the trial lecture and public defence. When you have finished, you can call yourself a doctor.

Usually, you will have received a tentative date for your public defence when you submit your dissertation. When the dissertation has been approved, you know that the defence will become a reality, and there are several preparations you can carry out: