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New at the Academy

Welcome to the Norwegian Academy of Music! Here you will find useful information and tips that we hope will give you some insights into what it is like to work at NMH.

At the Norwegian Academy of Music you are sharing a workplace with around 300 colleagues and 750 students.

You have come to a workplace with a fast pace, a high level of creativity and the aim of promoting teamwork. This kind of culture does not arise in a vacuum, so we who work at the Academy must share our experiences, show an interest in each other, participate in gatherings and keep up with the course of events.

Your immediate superior is responsible for introducing you to your colleagues and following up your progress as a new employee. Every newly hired staff member is assigned a contact person who is experienced at the Academy and with the routines that are part of our daily lives here. Your contact person can answer all of your questions at the start.

Good luck with your work!

The Management at the Academy