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Privacy Policy for Employees

Here you will find everything you need to know about privacy protection, the General Data Protection Regulation, how NMH deals with personal data, your rights and contacts.

1. What is a privacy protection declaration

A privacy protection declaration describes the personal data that are processed, how they are processed, who is responsible for processing them, what rights you have, and who you can contact with regard to your personal data.

This privacy protection declaration describes how the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) processes your personal data if you are employed or have sought employment at NMH.

2. What are personal data

Personal data encompass all forms of data, information and assessments that can be connected with you as an individual. The decisive factor in determining whether the information is personal data is whether the information can identify a specific person, either directly or indirectly.

3. A brief summary of the processing of employees’ personal data

The Norwegian Academy of Music is an institution with around 235 employees who, as a result of their various positions, are registered in different IT systems and services operated either by the Academy itself or by external suppliers. All employees have in common that they are registered in our central systems, such as the payment system, the archiving system, the access control system, and various IT systems that enable us to give you access to basic services such as email and SAP. Some employees will also be registered in additional systems used in their specific positions so they can carry out their work for NMH.

4. The processing of personal data in the central system

5. Systems connected with specific roles

In your position at NMH, it may be the case that you are required to use various IT services to carry out your job. These IT services themselves store personal data about you. This is entirely dependent on what the service does and what function you have at NMH.

Many of these services have a user profile for you to ensure that you have authorised access to the system. Some services will also be able to log your activities for a variety of reasons, such as considerations related to security, operations or service development.

You yourself know best which services you use in your everyday activities and can contact the IT services to find out how these services/systems process your personal data.

Personal data about you will be stored where you have logged in with your NMH user name or where you are registered as an employee at NMH.

6. The security of your personal data

NMH regularly conducts risk and vulnerability analyses of the data systems we use to safeguard your personal data. We also have several security measures in place, for example, access control systems to prevent more employees than necessary from gaining access to your personal data. Employees have a duty of confidentiality concerning the personal data they can access in their jobs. You can read about how we safeguard your information in Management System for Information Security.

7. Your rights

When NMH processes personal data about you, whether, in your employee file, assessments, logs or other records/systems, you have certain rights pursuant to the Personal Data Act.