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Panopto is a tool for creating, editing and sharing video recordings. It's especially suited for teaching purposes and is fully integrated with Canvas.

Why use Panopto?

  • Produce videos on your PC, Mac and smartphone.
  • Publish video and sounds files.
  • Publish videos from your mobile phone.
  • Record podcasts.
  • Easy video editing.
  • Create video quizzes.
  • Students can submit their video productions.
  • Live stream teaching from your unit.
  • Create automatic subtitles on your video.

Audio Description in Panopto

Audio Description, is a service that provides a description of the visual elements in movies, TV shows, or other visual media to make them accessible to visually impaired people. This may include descriptions of illustrations, character appearances, scenes, actions, and other visual content that would otherwise not be available to those who cannot see.

From 1 February 2024, institutions in the higher education sector are legally required to provide audio descriptions for new instructional videos, with certain exceptions.

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