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LoLa and Sonobus

LoLa is the video software for employees and students who want to play with others without delay.

Why use LoLa?

Do you wish to continue international networks and collaboration with partners between travels? LoLa brings the international dimension directly to your students.

NMH has invested in LoLa, making it possible to collaborate with European partners on masterclasses and music teaching on a digital platform. LoLa stands for low latency and performs better than Zoom and other video conference software. With LoLa, you get minimal delay and superior sound and image quality.

The system can be used if the institution you're collaborating with also has the same system. We chose LoLa because many European partners widely use it. This enables us to collaborate with institutions and teachers who also use LoLa.

You can use LoLa to invite guests for classes and/or teach classes at other institutions, collaborate on chamber music teaching, pre-or after-work with Erasmus exchanges, various collaboration projects, etc.

How to start using LoLa?

We have a LoLa machine installed in the auditorium. Please note that using LoLa requires equipment and resources on both sides. You need to make an appointment in advance so that we can make sure that the session is scheduled correctly and manned.


Sonobus is a free interactive tool that works from home. It's only used for sound but can run beside Zoom.

Do you need help?

Please contact our International office if you're interested: