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How to use Fagpersonweb – an online service for academic staff and tool for teaching.

What is Fagpersonweb?

Fagpersonweb is a new service offering access to information about teaching and students, class lists, picture catalogues and student data. The data is part of the Common Student System (FS).

What can you access in Fagpersonweb?

Subject instructors can access information about

  1. students you supervise/have supervised
  2. students who are/have been enrolled on study programmes where you are the principal instructor
  3. students who are taking/have taken courses where you are the course co-ordinator
  4. students who are participating/have participated in groups you teach

What kind of student data can be found Fagpersonweb?

  • Cohorts/years
  • Teaching notices
  • Assessment notices (exams)
  • Assessment results
  • Statistics
  • Detailed information about students (name, e-mail, telephone number, semester address)
  • Pictures of students (if uploaded)
  • Individual education plans

How to get started with Fagpersonweb

We have created a brief manual to show you how to log into and use Fagpersonweb.

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