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Reporting on R&D Results

As an NMH employee, you must register your R&D and artistic research work in Cristin, using a dedicated form for artistic research. Use ORCID to identify yourself as a researcher.

Reporting on academic R&D

You must continually report the results of any traditional scientific work you do in Cristin.

Reporting on artistic research

Employees carrying out artistic research must report on their work using a dedicated artistic research form. Contact Karoline Liane Hovland to request a copy of the form.

ORCID, your research ID

ORCID is a unique identifier (and international standard for identifying researchers) that can help you register research results and apply for research funding, amongst other things. It can also be used in other research administration systems, and it follows you even if you change employer.

To raise your profile, you may also wish to include your ORCID ID in your email signature after you have registered.


You can use your ORCID ID to log into the forthcoming NVA research archive and link research results to your name.

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