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Applying for External Funding

Things you need to know when preparing projects and applications for external funding.

Before you start

If you are planning an R&D project and are looking to apply for external funding, you must notify the R&D team and the vice-principal of R&D as early as possible. The unit for R&D administration and project support (FUP) has the administrative responsibility for the application process, and assists with advice on project finance and budgeting, among other things.

The internal process of working with applications of external funding will vary depending on the various external funding sources. A start-up meeting with those involved should take place early in the process to clarify the division of tasks and roles.

Many people involved – leave plenty of time

The head of R&D, centre directors, relevant department heads, the R&D administration and the finance department, will all help prepare your project application in various ways. For that reason, you must allow yourself plenty of time! This is particularly important where the NMH is the project owner but also when NMH staff are contributing to external projects owned by other institutions.

Close and seamless co-operation between the academic management of the project/project manager and the R&D administration is vital. It is also essential that you allocate enough time to the application process early on so that issues surrounding funding, professional resources, technical/administrative support and approval by the NMH can be quality-assured and planned in the best possible way.

Key points when planning a project

Funding sources

Below you will find an overview of various sources of funding.

When planning projects/applications