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Research Strategy 2025

This strategy sets NMH's goals and ambitions for how R&D work will be developed between now and 2025. The R&D concept includes artistic development work, scientific research and academic-pedagogical development work.

Art and science – the strategic context

Artistic development work (KU), scientific research as well as academic-pedagogical development work, form part of the academic core of NMH's activities, and are thus a self-evident and integrated part of NMH's life and work. Research and development (R&D) work at NMH has a broad scope and covers areas typically represented in music education worldwide. It is NMH's prominent and recognized professionals who, through their work, position NMH as a key international player in the institution's current fields of study.

The interaction between art and science is not only a central feature of this Strategy but an overarching goal for the entire institution, as formulated in the main Strategy, I samspill – 2025. In the meeting between art and science, our knowledge and understanding of music as an art form are challenged and expanded.

This strategy will help to strengthen the interaction between academic communities and students. In addition to helping the students to create their own professional future, this will also contribute to the further development of higher music education and the art field as a whole.

The Strategy defines five goals with associated ambitions under five section headings. The goals extend to 2025 while the ambitions cover the period: 2019-2022. The section headings are as follows: Organisation, Resources and funding, Recruitment and enhancement of competencies, Networking and internationalization, Communication and dissemination.

This Strategy proposes a vision of the Academy as an open, flexible and visionary institution in which to encourage dialogue and interaction between and within NMH’s disciplines, locally, nationally and internationally.

Darla Crispin, Vice-rector for Research and development.