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About Research and Development at the Norwegian Academy of Music

The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) hosts a variety of research and development work in the form of small- and large-scale projects within different research areas, scientific as well as artistic. This research spans a wide area of topics, from music’s impact on people living with dementia to exploring the outer limits of what it is possible to play on a musical instrument. In addition, there exists a rich variety of pedagogical development work and projects at NMH.

In the “Act relating to universities and university colleges” it is stated that one of the aims of such institutions is to “conduct research and academic and artistic development work at a high international level”. This type of work is usually abbreviated R&D (research and development). The Act implies that everybody employed at NMH, and who has time allocated to R&D as part of their position, is required to engage in this kind of work, in other words to contribute to knowledge development within their specific subject area.

Whether one engages in artistic or scientific research, or in academic development work (in our type of organisation often understood as pedagogical development work) depends on type of position, subject area and the R&D traditions within the field to which one belongs. The “Act relating to universities and university colleges” also emphasises that the teaching happening within higher education should be R&D based. This signals expectations about strong connections between the R&D work conducted and the teaching happening within the organisation.

R&D should not only take place and be connected to teaching; there is also a strong expectation that such work be shared, internally and externally, and conducted within the given frames and regulations. At NMH this is expressed through the requirements that each employee’s R&D work should be:

  • Made public – in other words be published, performed or otherwise shared – in relevant channels and contexts
  • Presented and discussed through participation in joint (organisational) arenas for R&D activity (research seminars, Påfyll, Fagfuzz, et cetera)
  • Reported and made available through the existing tools for reporting (Cristin, Research Catalogue, annual R&D reports)
  • Conducted within the ethical guidelines applicable at any given time within the respective subject and research areas

Below you will find links to pages clarifying what is implied by artistic research, pedagogical development work and scientific research at NMH. This is meant as an aid in the development of new R&D projects, and also for how to understand one’s own ongoing professional activities in relation to the different R&D areas and traditions. Everybody employed at NMH on artistic or scientific grounds belongs to one of the organisation’s research centres: NordART, CERM or CREMAH. The respective centre leaders may be helpful in discussing or developing ideas for R&D projects.

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