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Here you can read about our colour palette - which colours can we use and how?

Black, white and blue

Our colour palette consists of the core colours black, white and blue. These are supported by an extended and richer colour palette that gives the identity energy and variety.

Primary colours

Black, white and blue are our primary colours. Blue is an established colour that many associates with the Academy of Music, and through that, we create continuity and recognisability. Black and white give the identity weight and seriousness while at the same time opening up opportunities to develop many exciting outlets.

Support colours

In addition to the core colours, we have a set of supporting colours. These complement the core colours and give us a complete palette of colours that play well together and leave room for variation.

Colour system

1. Company level

The Norwegian Academy of Music is the sender and must appear simple, factual and straightforward. Examples of surfaces are postal items, general information, and pure logo use, such as on signs and the like.

2. Level of communication

At the communication level, we use the entire colour palette based on the guidelines for use and templates. We use colours on communication surfaces such as the web, advertisements and programs.

3. Scientific publications

We use fixed colours defined in the template for our publications and administrative releases. The colours should differentiate the various subject areas.

Colour codes

Colour combinations

Black and white must only be combined with one of the supporting colours on the same surface. We cannot combine several of the support colours with each other.

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