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NMH 50 Years 2023–2024

The Norwegian Academy of Music will celebrate its 50th anniversary during the 2023–2024 academic year. We will be marking the occasion with live music, and a retrospective look at the institution’s history.

A year-long festival

There will be both big and small events, and we will be visible on multiple platforms. We will also be encouraging innovation and debate, both alone and in partnership with other institutions and festivals. We will be highlighting the uniqueness of the NMH with some unmissable musical events.

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What do we want?

During the jubilee year, we are looking to reinforce our position as Norway’s biggest and most important institution for music education. Over the past 50 years, the NMH has established a range of unique specialist departments in performance, research, education and more.

  • Where are we coming from, and where are we going?
  • What does this do to the identity of the NMH?

As stewards of a rich conservatoire tradition, it is fascinating to look at how we approach art in the present day.

What are we planning for the anniversary?

The work of planning the anniversary is well underway! A widely composed committee coordinates the planning work moving forward. The anniversary committee has been appointed by the rectorate, and bachelor student Elise Sløgedal has been appointed as the anniversary ambassador for the students.

Deputy Prin­cip­al Eyolf Dale has overall responsibility for the anniversary celebration, and Principal Astrid Kvalbein is his alternate. They work closely with Head of Outreach and Events Production Lars Kurverud and Head of Communications Ståle Tvete Vollan.

In January 2023, Vetle Aakre Laupsa was appointed as the producer for the anniversary celebration.

Gjenopplev bursdagen 3. september!

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