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Astrid Kvalbein Will Be New Principal of the Norwegian Academy of Music

Astrid is standing in front of a concrete wall, smiling towards the camera.

Astrid Kvalbein was elected principal and Eyolf Dale deputy principal of the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) for the period 2021-2025. They will take up their new positions on 1 August.

Astrid Kvalbein is a singer, and is currently engaged as a researcher and project coordinator for the NMH’s history project. Eyolf Dale is a jazz pianist and coordinator for the programme in jazz performance.

When Astrid and Eyolf ran for election they were joined by two vice-principals: Vice-Principal of Research and Development Sidsel Karlsen and Vice-Principal of Education Gunnar Flagstad.

Astrid Kvalbein says that she was both relieved and overwhelmed when the results were announced.

“I’m also happy to be able to think about something other than the election campaign in the weeks to come. And of course, I’m both humble and proud that the people at the NMH have given me their trust. I’ll do my best!”

How are you going to celebrate?

“It’s not easy to celebrate with the team these days, but we certainly will later! Today there will probably be a sushi dinner with my family, and then a really relaxed weekend – cabin, skiing and home-baked sweet buns. This evening there is a board meeting for the school brass band, so I won’t entirely lose contact with reality.”

How did you think the campaign was?

“Of course it was a little strange, because the coronavirus restrictions meant that we saw so few colleagues and students at work. So the opportunities for informal conversations about the election were few, both for us and for everyone else at the NMH. Conducting nearly everything online had both advantages and disadvantages. But we have held discussions with a lot of people, received feedback and good questions – and real challenges from individuals, the Student Committee, the various departments, the unions and the other candidate team. We worked hard, and have become a close-knit team as a result of this process!”

What will you be doing between now and the beginning of the new school year?

“It will probably be a combination of terminating current projects and finding ways of transferring those that won’t be terminated. Of course, I’m interested in ensuring that the NMH’s history project will be carried on as it should be up to the 50th anniversary celebration in 2023 – and in learning about the things a principal needs to know. We will also initiate processes that will prepare us as well as possible for our fresh start after the summer. It’s going to be exciting!”

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