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Privacy Protection in Research Projects

Responsibility and distribution of roles when initiating and implementing R&D, PhD and student projects. This page describes the roles and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Brief description of roles


Remember that all projects must be registered with the Norwegian Centre for Research Data.

Project coordinator and PhD candidates

The project coordinator is responsible for the privacy protection of the respondents/informants in the project he or she is managing.

The project coordinator’s responsibility encompasses all phases of the research project:

  • planning and start-up
  • implementation
  • conclusion of the project

What is the secure deletion of personal data?

Personal data, including research data, are deleted securely when they can no longer be reproduced and retrieved.

Secure deletion entails, for example, that there are no longer copies of personal data stored in private storage areas, flash drives or mobile data units. It also entails that all backup copies of the data are deleted.

The same applies to personal data that are included as part of manual personal data registers, for example data sets (registers) that contain information, obtained through the use of paper-based questionnaires, about respondents in research projects.

The alternative to deletion is making the data anonymous, in other words deleting all information that makes it possible to identify an individual (name, address, identification number, etc.). Other information (information that does not identify the relevant individuals) may then be kept for further use.