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Progress Seminar and Midterm Evaluation

The progress seminar and the midtterm evaluation are important components.

The progress seminars

The progress seminars are obligatory for PhD candidates and are held once every year, the first in the first semester and the last in the semester in which the project is submitted. The candidate may be asked to attend two progress seminars a year, if necessary.

The mandatory individual discussion lasts approx. 30–45 minutes.

Midterm evaluation

The programme committees for the PhD is responsible for organising the midterm evaluation.

Attendance at the evaluation seminar is obligatory for all candidates enrolled on the PhD programme (Section 10-2 of the Regulations). Still, it is also open to other interested parties at the academy. The candidate's supervisor(s) should ideally be present.

The candidate and the lead supervisor should prepare the midterm evaluation together and spent time following it up afterwards.