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Tuition fee from Autumn 2023

The Norwegian Government has decided that tuition fees will be charged to international students with citizenship from outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland from the autumn 2023. NMH does not offer any scholarships that cover tuition fees.

The debate in Stortinget is postponed until 7 June. The education committee has signalled they will not finish their recommendation before the deadline.

The Norwegian Academy of Music and principals from other universities and colleges have fought against the tuition fees for international students and repeatedly fronted the issue in the media and various panels.

It is a great loss for diversity in art education.

Astrid Kvalbein, Principal


Among those who do not need to pay tuition fees are, among others, exchange students, citizens of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, students with permanent residence.

Details of the Tuition Fee

Who does not need to pay? How to apply for exemptions? What is the cost for students outside the EU and EEA?

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