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New edition of NMH’s new journal

From an opera production at NMH autumn 2020

The journal Nordic Research in Music Education, which NMH launched before Christmas last year, is now releasing its second issue.

Volume 2, no. 1 contains nine research articles in Norwegian and English with topics ranging from examination of entrance exams to higher music education, use of Spotify as a formation project, alternative approaches to notation to strengthen inclusion, and how teaching in music history through opera can be renewed by breaking with canonized modes of representation, to name a few.

We publish this peer-reviewed open access journal in collaboration with the Nordic music education network on the platform at Cappelen Damm Akademisk. Guro Gravem Johansen is the editor-in-chief of the journal, together with Anna Houmann from the Malmö Academy of Music and Danielle Shannon Treacy from the Sibelius Academy. They are now working on this year's second edition, which will be out in the autumn.

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