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Rector's Christmas

Rector's Christmas is a musical Christmas calendar where we create the content together.

23 December

What a final! Vivek Sadasivam adds his Indian vocal on top of the soundscape of the music education students, in this very last edition of Rector’s Room. Mikael Aksnes-Pehrson shows us his futuristisk version, before it ends with all 47 contributors – together.

22 December

Frank Havrøy delivers his second contribution to Rector's Christmas, this time in collaboration with cellist Sigrun Eng, who interprets the folk song with a hint of baroque.

21 December

Deputy Prin­cip­al Morten Halle takes out his saxophone and joins Rector's Christmas – in the snow.

18 December

A combined edition of Rector’s Room and Rektors Christmas, featuring information about classes, concerts and admission exams for the next term, and presenting the song «I promise» by Elise Sandvik Olsen, reflecting her experiences from lockdown and reminding that better times are ahead.

17 December

Today’s episode of Rector's Christmas features Live Roggen's personal and intimate version of «Et lite barn», based on Ingfrids improvisation.

«A little Child» is born.

16 December

Today you will experience Morten Qvenild's radical and surreal remix of Ingfrid's improvisation over «Et lite barn». Morten describes the mood as Grey-Christmas, Robotic-Christmas and Corona-Christmas – with a glimmer of hope at the end.

15 December

In the latest episode of Rector's Christmas, Kristin Myhrvold gives us goosebumps from head to toe with her exquisite interpretation of the traditional folk tune.

With contributions from Markus Dunseth (piano and organ), Eirik Sanner (euphonium) and Konstantin Helmers (guitar), this is just what we need in the Polar Night – a comforting Christmas blend that for a couple of minutes mends our longing and cabin fever.

14 December

Welcome to a new week of musical surprises at the Rector's Christmas. Håkon Storm Mathisen and Lage Lund kick off a series of contributions from the jazz department, so stay tuned for more. Or for something completely different, perhaps?

11 December

The final episode of this week is a warm and personal contribution from Ingfrid Breie Nyhus, with our best wishes for a lovely and rewarding weekend.

10 December

Our advent calendar is growing! This episode of Rector's Christmas is produced by composers Niklas Lindberg, Mikkel Alvheim Åse and Ida Grande Kaurin. They have developed a remix of previous videos wrapped in exquisite and subtle electronics sounds.

9 December

A new edition of Rector's Christmas is here, with musical statements from Eyolf Dale and Frank Havrøy. Further explanations not needed.

8 December

In today's episode of Rector's Christmas, Margrete Skretting Bergset, Markus Tähti Dunseth, Konstantin Helmers and Henrik Sam Eyde create a calm and contemplative atmosphere. The traditional folk tune is lurking in the background, but you mostly hear the musical reactions the tune is creating.

Take part in our Christmas calendar adventure and submit your contribution!

7 December

Finally a new episode of Rector's Christmas, this time starring Markus Tähti Dunseth, Victoria Oftestad, Henrik Sam Eyde and Konstantin Helmers. Enjoy!

4 December

The fourth episode of Rector's Christmas is now available with three new reactions to what we have heard so far. Eirik is sending his greetings from his stay in Switzerland, whereas Markus and Konstantin are contributing from their respective point of view.

3 December

The third episode of Rector's Christmas is available, with three singers and a message of calm contemplation.

Each of them has challenged two students or instructors to contribute with new material. Peter is also receiving spontaneous contributions from others, so our musical celebration of Advent is growing nicely.

If today's video sparks your inspiration, turn on your camera and send it to Peter.

2 December

The second of December is here already, and Margrete Skretting Bergset has joined Victoria.

Watch episode 2 and submit your contribution to our Christmas relay!

1 December

The idea: We start with a traditional Norwegian folk tune and expand it little by little, day by day. You may add a harmony, play a bass line, suggest an intro or an interlude. Everything is possible, as long as you’re building on what others have done. There are no technical requirements. You can record yourself with your mobile camera in the practice room, in your cabin or in the living room.

Peter can also help you with the recording if you are at NMH.

Today is the starting point. Peter has challenged a few students in the days ahead, and they have passed on the challenge to friends and instructors. We are looking forward to hearing your contribution.

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