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Register Concerts for spring 2023

An electric and an acoustic guitar placed on guitar stands on a stage. In front of the guitars lies a cello.

Are you planning or need a study-related concert during the spring term of 2023? The deadline for registering/applying is Nov 1st!

Season planning and registrations

NMH is planning our concerts in two main seasons. The registration form for the spring term 2023 is now open.

Each season has a primary deadline. These are the main deadlines for submitting a concert request in the official program of the Academy. Requests made after the given deadline are regarded as the second priority. After the primary season is planned, possibly available venues may be booked continuously throughout that semester.

  1. Concerts directly related to studies and or research activities will be prioritized.
  2. Concerts with a clear profile and idea, shows with crossover profile, collaborations and projects with gender- and cultural diversity focus will also be prioritized.
  3. Registrations after the deadline of Nov 1st 2022 are put on a standby list.


Affiliation with subjects and course requirements

Concerts directly related to studies and or R&D will be booked for this semester. It must tell us about the specific project affiliation to be prioritized.


When you get your concert confirmed and booked, we will give you a new deadline to provide information and marketing photos. Would you please send this information to

The printed concert folder

All concerts will not be included in the printed, official program. Concerts with a well-thought-out musical profile and good information will be prioritized.

Concert recordings

In the form, you can register if you would like us to do a recording or not, but it's still a limited offer and the number of recordings that are done. We're only recording if you get a specific confirmation on this. Please note that by having your concert recorded by NMH, you accept that we make the recording public in our library and our historical archive.


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