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Grading and Final Marks

A description of the grading system at the Academy.


The official grade in each course is the letter grade. Where appropriate, a class average appears on transcripts expressed as the letter grade most representative of the class performance.

Grades A through C represent satisfactory passes, D and E the minimum requirements to pass the course, and F a failure.



The candidate can express themselves artistically, show satisfactory understanding of style and form. The candidate displays good communication skills and sufficient musical- and instrumental skills. A "pass" constitues a complete concert experience where all assessment criteria are fulfilled and where learning objectives can be regarded as attained.


The candidate's ability for artistic expression appears limited. The concert experience as a whole, conveyance, musical-and instrumental skills are not at an adequate level. An achievement at such a low level that one cannot consider the assessment critera and/or learning objectives to have been attained.