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Other public events

A public event is an event that is promoted as open and accessible to everyone. In this context, we mean, for example, seminars, conferences, book launches and the like. Here you find out how to plan, register and book a public event in NMH's premises or programme.

Public events must be approved

NMH's production team must be involved if you plan or wish to have a public event at NMH or in NMH's programme. You cannot book and invite to a concert or other events at NMH or under NMH's auspices externally on your own and expect this to be supported and promoted in NMH's programme. All public events must be approved before they are announced, and there must be dedicated staff present responsible for the event.

Individual and smaller events such as book launches, one-day seminars and the like can be arranged directly with the production manager in the same way as concerts.
Larger events such as festivals, conferences or seminars over several days and the like must be applied for and approved by the Prioritizing Committee , before rooms are booked and the activity is planned in detail and confirmed.

Read more about planning events step by step, further down this page and read more about the prioritization committee, about registration requirements, planning horizon and more on separate pages for the committee.

It may be an advantage to discuss the measure with the production manager before you send the application to the committee as well. Feel free to ask for a meeting with production manager Lars H. Kurverud.

Step by step: Planning conferences and the like