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NMH still good, but no longer as outstanding

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The results of the Studiebarometeret 2023 show that NMH's students are still very satisfied, but there are areas for improvement.

Nationally, many of the results are unchanged from last year, but there are several questions with a slight positive change. The results from NMH show greater variation with changes in both negative and positive directions.

The disparities are diminishing

Over the years, students at NMH have consistently shown a generally higher overall satisfaction than on a national level. However, while there has been a positive trend nationwide, the results from NMH indicate a decline each year since the peak year of 2019. The difference between NMH and the rest of the country is no longer as significant. NMH also scores right at the average for all art education programs combined.

The disparity between NMH and the rest of the country is no longer so significant.

Shows the results

Top and bottom

Students at NMH are most satisfied with the areas relating to feedback (both quantity and content), learning methods and the student's own motivation, while topics such as information, organisation of the study programme and connection to working life score lower than the national average. In particular, lack of or late information and updating of timetables, as well as access to information and teaching in English, are emphasised as negative in the free text comments.

Feedback and supervision

Teaching at NMH is assessed as positive, with a score that is well above the national average. Feedback and counselling score particularly high, but the teaching method and staff are also rated as good. NMH's students are more motivated to study and rate their own study efforts higher than the national average.

The areas with the greatest negative development from 2022 are the academic coherence between courses and whether representatives from the working life contribute to teaching, while there is the greatest positive development in questions relating to feedback and information about how skills can be used in the labour market.

Teaching and learning environment

NMH's students rate the teaching as good, and well above the national average. There is somewhat greater variation in the assessment of the form of assessment and learning outcomes, where the results vary and are both below and above the national average.

The results for the social and academic environment at NMH remained stable despite the pandemic, and although the national results now show a positive trend, NMH's students are more satisfied than students in general.

It is challenging to combine work and study as study activities are also scheduled in the evenings and weekends and information about such activities sometimes arrives late.

From the survey

Time usage

NMH students spend slightly more time than other students on study activities, but are slightly below average compared to other music and art students. Compared with previous years and students in other disciplines, however, they spend slightly less time on paid work. The free text comments from the survey also indicate that it is difficult to combine work and study, as study activities are also scheduled in the evenings and weekends and information about such activities sometimes arrives late.

Does not use artificial intelligence

While right holders, performers and interest organisations in the music field both fear and welcome the development of artificial intelligence, this is not as evident at NMH. When asked about artificial intelligence, 73% of NMH students responded that they do not use artificial intelligence in their studies and 22% rarely use it, which is 0.8 points lower than the national average.

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