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New PhD fellows

Anne Hytta is one of the new PhD fellows. Photo: Agnete Brun

Nine new PhD fellows started at the Norwegian Academy of Music in August, and one more will arrive in January. Here is the overview.

The Norwegian Academy of Music has four PhD programmes. One is the PhD program in Artistic Research. The artistic PhD project comprises an artistic production and a component documenting artistic reflection. PhD Programme in Music Education and Music Therapy and Performance Practice end in a thesis and public defense.

PhD in Artistic Research

  • Anne Hytta with the project Torn loose and broken into pieces: Building blocks for reuse.
  • Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi with the project Opera pop. A music album judged to mean.
  • Giuseppe Pisano with the project Spontaneous Music Diffusions begins in January 2023.

PhD in Music Therapy

  • Guro Høimyr with the project "Connecting people" – a study on school revue and mental health.
  • Merete Holme with the project Music therapy for adolescents within the Child Welfare Services.
  • Anne Kippenes with the project Music for health and wellbeing in Early Childhood Community Services in Bhutan.

PhD in Music Education

  • Rut Jorunn Rønning with the project The school of music and performing arts, an art and knowledge-based organization?
  • Gaute Storsve with the project Instrumental learning in upper secondary school.

PhD in Performance Practice

  • Anders Veiteberg with the project Performing Bach's evangelist parts. An exploration of Baroque practice.
  • Wilhelm Sollie with the project Arild Sandvold's organ works – in the light of Norwegian-German interpretation traditions (externally funded).
Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi is one of the new PhD fellows. Photo: Monika Kolstad

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