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Calling all adventurous NMH people

Screenshot from Ultima 2023

Do you have an idea for an innovative and exemplary production that can be performed during Ultima? The application deadline is Friday, 12 May.

Ultimafestivalen stretches the boundaries of what music and listening can be. With creative expression and wonder about societal issues, Ultima offers musical encounters and listening experiences across conventions, art forms and musical genres.

The Norwegian Academy of Music is a laboratory for what is happening in the music field and what will happen in the future. On Ultima's opening day on 14 September, different directions are drawn in the landscape, and we let the public tread their paths in the building. We invite the public to our homes, open up the whole of NMH and share different perspectives, experiences and experiences in and through music.

This is an announcement for students and staff within all sections at NMH. We seek innovative and experimental ideas, productions and projects across genres.

Ultima Kompass – Thursday 14 September 2023

The project will be played on Ultima's opening day

Current formats can be

  • Performance of individual pieces of music (existing, self-composed, improvised, site-specific features at the house, short pop-up concerts in rehearsal rooms, canteen or open spaces indoors and outdoors
  • Workshops on various topics (preferably with audience participation)
  • Presentation of your practice or research project in the form of lectures, lecture recitals, films, exhibitions, etc.
  • Open samples
  • Thematic listening sessions with sound clips or recorded music
  • Other activities that no one but you could come up with!

Apply by 12 May

Send proposals and questions to the NordART centre at Ellen and Heloisa.

Specify the desired room, maximum number of audience/participants, length and technical needs.

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