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Guidance Conversations Offered for Staff

The coronavirus period has been long, and many people feel that their work situation is presenting a challenge. From 1 March to 1 October 2021 all staff members whose main employer is the NMH are being offered guidance conversations addressing these challenges.


Mariann Rø, a psychology specialist with many years of experience in mental health care for adults, has worked as a full-time psychologist in private practice since 2009. She has experience in issues related to working life, among other things, and is associated with Villa Sana, which provides mental health services.

Catarina Ruud holds an MSc in management and organisational psychology. She also trained as a gestalt therapist, coach and counsellor at the Norwegian Gestalt Institute AS. She regularly works in areas including organisational change, leadership development and employee development.

What can a guidance conversation contribute?

The corona pandemic has had a significant impact on our work situation, and guidance may be relevant if the pandemic has resulted in work-related challenges that you need guidance to resolve, the need to sort out and clarify your thoughts, the desire to strengthen your self-leadership qualities or a need for en external conversation partner to increase your awareness of important elements in your new work situation.

Past experience indicates that 3 to 5 guidance hours per person provide a constructive framework.

People who need health assistance are directed to their regular general practitioner.

In order to assess the need for and quality of the service, you will be asked a few questions by the counsellor afterwards.

Duty of confidentiality

The counsellor has the duty of confidentiality, and the NMH will be given information only concerning how much the service has been used and any feedback about its utility value – not about who has had guidance conversations.

How to make an appointment for a guidance conversation

You yourself must contact a counsellor and make an appointment. This can be done, for instance, by sending a text message. If you cannot keep the appointment, it is important that you inform the counsellor at least 24 hours in advance, so someone else can use it.

Appointments are offered on a “first come, first served” basis. We have a maximum of 20 hours available per week, and the service is being offered from 1 March to 1 October to start with. We will extend the period of availability if it proves to be a useful service.

Contact data and practical information

Mariann Rø

  • Mobile phone, text message: +47 481 40 313
  • Address: Majorstuhuset, Kirkeveien 64B, entrance on Sørkedalsveien (around the corner from Krogh Optikk), 3rd floor.
  • Mariann can meet with you personally or online. Note: she has a dog in her office.
  • Appointments available both morning and afternoon.

Catarina Ruud

  • Mobile phone, text message: +47 406 39 464
  • E-mail:
  • Catarina offers only online appointments, and the person making the appointment is sent the link via email.
  • Both daytime and evening appointments are available.

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