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Coronavirus Information and Resources

Here you can find updated information about the Academy’s infection control measures.

We hope to allow for more group teaching from Monday 19 April

This is likely to be limited to smaller groups and to courses that are critical for concluding the academic year. Heads of Department and the Head of Academic Affairs will decide which subjects this applies to in consultation with the responsible teacher(s).

We must still cancel all practical group classes.

  • Individual teaching and practice will still be allowed. Includes accompagnateur.
  • Group rehearsals with up to 5 students are allowed.
  • It will also be possible to carry out scheduled recordings and rehearsals with an accompanist.
  • All online classes will proceed as planned.
We will consider reopening for internal concerts when the restrictions in Oslo have been lifted. Information will come. However, we do not expect to be able to organize public events before the summer.

Keep updated through Canvas, Time Edit and this website. Send your questions to

Assessment and exam in the spring 2021

The academic affairs committee (SU) has decided upon the following adaptations to help create as predictable an execution of examinatons as possible. Read about the changes in the article about assessment and exam.

The following measures for the prevention of infection at NMH still apply

  1. Keep a minimum of 2 metres distance at all times.
  2. Meetings should be held digitally.
  3. Face masks must be worn in all common areas of NMH such as the entrance foyer, canteen, in lifts, stairwells and corridors.
  4. Access to NMH is until further notice reserved for students and staff. See new restrictions regarding external visitors.
  5. If you have a cold or feel unwell, please stay at home. Even if you test negatively for Covid-19, you must stay at home until completely well, and for an additional 24 hrs after your symptoms have disappeared.
  6. Everyone is responsible for ensuring they follow restrictions to prevent the spread of infection. This includes keeping their distance during tuition and classes.
  7. NMH employees should work from home unless their job makes this impractical.
  8. It is vital that everyone follows the instructions for infection control and prevention at NMH. It shows us what to do and who is responsible for what.

Frequently asked questions about the coronavirus

Is there anti-bacterial hand gel in every room? What should I do if I believe I am infected? Who can I talk to if I am worried? Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

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