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Connection, collaboration & co-creation - Ways forward for higher music education


For ten years, CEMPE has worked on knowledge development on teaching and learning in higher music education as a Centre for Excellence. In November, the centre marks its end by inviting to the conference Connection, collaboration & co-creation - Ways forward for higher music education. Welcome!


Higher music education is facing new challenges and increased demands for renewal, diversity in student groups and study programmes, and for providing education that is more in tune with the needs of society. How can music education respond proactively to these challenges? How can study programmes encourage students to develop their own artistic visions during their studies? How can we collaborate more across genres, disciplines, institutions, and between teachers and students? And how can we create change without losing the quality inherent in the traditions and culture of the conservatoire?

Through keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions, we hope to create a conference with diverse voices and examples of practice that can bring the field together and inspire further development.

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Published: May 16, 2023 — Last updated: Oct 4, 2023