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ANMAtalks: Transmitting Cultures in Higher Music Education


The sixth edition of ANMAtalks will take place on Thursday 14 October 2021. The topic of the talk will be transmitting cultures in higher music education – cultural appreciation or appropriation?

Tone Jordhus , Anna Sæmundsdottir


ANMAtalks is an initiative for sharing knowledge between students, staff, and management of the Nordic and Baltic academies for higher music education and anyone else who might be interested. ANMAtalks is initiated by the ANMA ExCom and is being developed by Keld Hosbond (Vice Principal at RAMA) and Camilla Overgaard (Project Coordinator of ANMA talks).

Appreciation versus appropriation

This sixth edition will explore the questions that arise when teaching and performing music from different cultures within higher music education. What differentiates cultural appreciation from cultural appropriation, how do we responsibly transmit and represent cultural elements, and what do we understand by “culture” in the first place?

In a globalised world where artists can draw inspiration from all over the globe, the question of how to include and represent cultural elements could or maybe should become an increasingly central part of the curriculum development within higher music education. In this event, we intend to raise these questions and inspire discussion about how we teach and perform music from a variety of cultural contexts.

Presentation and panel disussion

We will open the event with a presentation from musician Nadia Safwat, who also holds a bachelor degree in anthropology from Aarhus University. She will help provide a common understanding of the terms related to the topic. Her presentation will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Camilla Overgaard, where Nadia and representatives from higher music education will take part.

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Published: Oct 11, 2021 — Last updated: Oct 11, 2021